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My name is MJ. I study photography at Art Center College of Design.

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“I’ve got a
lot of good
ideas but not
one that
will get me

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Many Ladies wear it this way

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*talking emphatically and at great length about daniel radcliffe*

Other person:

so you're really into Harry Potter, huh?

Me:, what would make you think that?

I think this is the year I buy all the doc martens my heart desires


Daniel Radcliffe, everyone.

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i dont even sleep anymore i just die for a couple hours each day

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Cries because Bryce Dessner


Cries because Bryce Dessner

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midnight confession time:

I am secretly v intimidated by men and women who are emphatically involved with bike culture b/c I have always wished I was more fearless and spontaneous and more of a party person 

but the last time I tried to include cycling into my life I was so nervous at every red stoplight that I could hardly start pedaling right away and I always got honked at 

also biking in LA is dangerous af

I wish I regarded my physical safety a lot less pretty much

Brie Larson - Première Magazine - April 2014

Brie LarsonPremière Magazine - April 2014

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